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The Gathering of the Minds Conference Is A Bay Area First Of Its Kind Event; Assembling Treatment Professionals And Experts From Various Counties Throughout The San Francisco Bay Area And Across The Nation. 

This Daylong Event Is Designed To Bring Awareness About Various Mental Health Disorders, Including But Not Limited To: Depression, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, And Anxiety, As Well As Mental Health Wellness. 

Information Will Also Be Shared Regarding The Impact Of Trauma, Suicide And Stigma. 

This Conference Offers A Local Road Map To Resources, Intervention, Prevention, And Progressive Next Steps For Schools, Communities And Churches. We Hope To See You There.


Denise Stepney

" My name I Minister Denise Stepney and I am founder of Behind The Mask Ministry. I have attended several of the MHIC Conferences and have received a wealth of great information on mental health issues in not only the church but in society as a whole.


I'm thankful that we have started the dialogue and are being Inspiring educated about these issues. Thank you Dr. Lakita Long for being obedient to your life assignment."


Blessings from Behind The Mask Ministry 


Shandranette Middleton 

Financial Empowerment Services

"I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended several of Dr. Lakita Long's amazing Mental Health conferences. I have learned a lot and appreciate the vision of Dr. Long.

The speakers are always dynamic and very informative. The lunches are also so delicious! Dr. Long always goes above and all out for those who attend. 

If were honest mental health illness affects all of our families and communities. Furthermore, we need to commit (more than ever) to overcome the stigmas of Mental Health illness by gaining more knowledge and understanding. 

I encourage everyone to attend one of Dr. Long's conferences. You will definitely leave being educated, equipped and empowered to make a difference!"

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