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Mental Health In The Church (MHIC) is an opportunity to bring powerful workshops, seminars, trainings and keynote

talks about how to properly deal with issues that affect everyday life for those who are believers. The desire is to create a Mental Health in the Church Network that will create a hub of churches all around the globe that are being equipped and trained to deal with the various aspects of mental health disorders.


Other aspects of Mental Health in the Church:

Each of these function as an integral part in assisting us to get the word out about mental health in the church, school and communities. We are the change we are looking for and we have some answers to many people’s problem. Our desire is to assist you, the leaders and congregation as a whole to learn how to help people with a variety of everyday issues and those things that are more than everyday. We see it all the time in our churches, where people come into the four walls for some type of reassurance or help with something. Most times, a lot of their need is riding on what is going on mentally, how they can process it, and/or make a decision because of it. When you are depressed or have been feeling clinically “blue” where your behavior and mood has altered how you live, eat and be, it affects how you apply spiritual principles to your life. But no need to faint, or even become discouraged with where you see the people around you, there are many things that can be done to help those who are in the Church but struggle with the silent voices within.

Workshops  |  Seminars  |  Trainings  |  Keynote talks  |   Support Groups  |  Counseling   |  Literary





1. Dealing with Grief and Trauma?

2. Spiritual Depression versus Clinical Depression.

3. Suicide Talk or Truth.

4. Becoming Active with Mental Health in The Church Movement.

5. Domestic Violence and Abuse.





1. Contact our office to have a consult about what you would like to have at your church.

2. Set up date, time, and prepare all those involved for training.

3. Sign Contract or Summary of Events for Training/Workshop.

4. We complete the training at your specified location.

5. We provide overall assessment of training including pre/post tests of participants, and give you feedback on next steps. 


We only exist to help strengthen the faith and increase and enhance the wellness of those that believe and are apart of the household of faith. While this work is also done through other mediums, the Mental Health In The Church is a series that allows Pastors and spiritual leaders to learn the various clinical attributes that are present when people at times use spiritual things to hide behind real things. Through knowledge you will be able to lovingly draw individuals out and help them realize and understand the help that they need.


Interested in Joining our network schedule a meeting today 

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