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Mental Health in the Church (MHIC) Program Initiative strives to bring the best programing to help individuals have mental and spiritual wellness. Our program has created affordable seminars, workshops, conferences, literature, and a network where the community can have access to information that pertains to mental health taught by experts in the field. We need your help to continue to achieve our mission and goals. Your partnership with us will help us create more awareness of mental health issues, provide resources, and connect as well as offer people to services.


When you become a partner with mental health in the church, your monthly, direct gift (you pick the amount and day you wish to give each month) will touch the lives of many souls. So, partner with us today, the community is depending on you !!!!


Our conferences and events would not be possible without your service and dedication. We are always seeking volunteers to join our team to help make our conferences and events a great success. We understand God made us all with various talents and gifts and we want to assure your are serving in an area that suites you.  Find below our list of volunteer opportunities: 


The marketing team  plays a vital role in promoting Mental health in the church mission, vision, values, and goals. It is the Marketing Department's job to reach  prospects, investors, and/or the community,  by creating an overarching image that represents MHIC in a positive light. Our Marketing team will not only be hands on the day of the event but they will involved prior to event as well. 


First impressions are the important ones. It is hospitality, after all! The overall goal of hospitality is to make temporary accommodations feel permanent. This is done by acknowledging guest presence and making them feel like they are welcomed, and most importantly wanted. No one wants to feel like they are unwelcome and unheard.  We want all of our guest to be properly greeted and served when entering any of our events. It sets the tone to who we are and we believe.


Communication is the key to success  in any service MHIC provides. We want all of our attendees and partners to know exactly who MHIC is and what we do and how we do it. Our Communication team will be the first point of contact for our guest and affiliates before and during the conference. If you have a warm smile and enjoy answering questions this is the perfect area for you. 


Our design team is more than just people its a team that includes significant roles to executives the vision. Most individuals who enjoy this team love decorating and everything thats involved in it form prep work, to set-up, and break down.  


If you have questions, please contact our volunteer coordinator at

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