We are living in a time where the need for Mental Wellness is at an all-time high. It’s imperative for the church to be equipped, empowered, and educated about Mental Health and how to serve its members as well as their community. Dr. Lakita Long not only has been commissioned by God to serve this population but has dedicated over 30 years of her life to bridging the gap between the church and the Mental Health Industry. Join the mission by Allowing your ministry, church, or organization to join the Mental Health conversation by registering below. 

The Church and Spiritual Communities are made up of some of the most amazing and talented people you will ever meet and for the most part are happy to be of service to anyone in need.


But then there are the some who without warning felt the insurmountable weight of pressure that when undealt with for long periods of time results in depression, anxiety and sometimes suicide. 


Lean in to learn how to rethink the pressure in your life and lift the weight of mental fatigue.