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Mental Health in the Church (MHIC) program initiative strives to bring the best programing to help individuals have mental and spiritual wellness. Our program has created affordable seminars, workshops, conferences, literature, and a network where the community can have access to information that pertains to mental health taught by experts in the field. We need your help to continue to achieve our mission and goals. Your partnership with us will help us create more awareness of mental health issues, provide resources, and connect as well as offer people to services.


When you become a partner with mental health in the church, your monthly, direct gift, (you pick the amount and day you wish to give each month) will touch the lives of many souls. So, partner with us today, the community is depending on you !!!!



Mental Health in the church is committed to stewardship and integrity. Each year, we will provide an annual report, so you can know that your donation is safe, secure and reaching directly to the people who need it most. What you give goes into spreading the Gospel and creating awareness and services for mental health. We know it's a big decision to donate your money,  and we want you to be confident that your gifts are being used in the best ways possible.



We understand that some are able to give more than others and our organization not only celebrates and appreciate all partnerships we want everyone who is apart of our family to know your love does not go unnoticed. We work with various types of groups so, we created various types of partnership levels and benefits we believe that will inspire, motivate, and empower you in your personal endeavors in fulfilling God's Purpose.



Individual  partners who make a recurring auto debit donation. We ask that all recurring donation be at least $10.00 will receive a

  • Monthly Ministry Newsletter

  • Become Apart of MHIC Online Community

  • Daily Prayer from the Ministry Team



Church partners who make a recurring auto debit donation of $500 will receive a


  • Monthly Community Updates

  • Free Magazine

  • Daily Prayer from the Ministry Team

  • Honorable mention at MHIC Conferences

  • Honorable Mention on Social Media   



Business partners who make a recurring auto debit donation of $1,000 will receive a


  • Monthly Ministry Newsletter

  • Free Magazine

  • Daily Prayer from the Ministry Team

  • Charitable Tax Deduction

  • Billboard Posting on ( Locations)

  • Honorable Mention on Social Media

  • Logo on all Digital Images  

  • 10 min. commercial at MHIC Conferences

  • Vendor Booth at MHIC Conference   

  • Feature in our Social Media Commercial

  • 10 Conference Tickets

  • Logo on T-shirts

Clapping Audience
  • $100 gift  

  • Photo honorable mention on social media pages​

  • $500

  • photo, honorable mention on social media

  • 5 min commercial chat at Conference/event

  • Vendor Booth at Conference

  • 4 event tickets

  • $250 gift

  • Photo, honorable mention on social media

  • Vendor Booth at Conference

  • 2 event tickets

  • $1000

  • Photo, honorable mention on social media

  • Logo on all digital images

  • 8 min commercial chat at Conference/event

  • Vendor Booth at Conference

  • 8 event tickets


Be a Conference partner today for one of our many conferences and give a one time seed support where you can see the tangible impact on the lives of many.


Nia Bell

Millennial Attendee

"Attending the MHIC conference help me realize how important it is to understand and the know the signs of depression and anxiety and where it can lead you to. It's important to know these symptoms and  signs and discuss them and not let them bottle up and get you to a breaking point.


A lot of times in my life I've felt like given up even sometimes committing self harm but having a safe environment to talk about your feelings helps a lot!"


Lauren La Plante

Licensed Educational Psychologist

Community Education Coordinator

Ann Martin Center

"I attended the 2018 Mental Health Matters Conference as a community partner from a local non-profit and was completely inspired by the power of the presenters to de-stigmatize mental health and suicide. I was awestruck to hear so many well respected mental health professionals of color speaking truths that are rarely said aloud anywhere, let alone in the church.


I felt incredibly hopeful that by bringing mental health issues out into the open, hugely underserved individuals will be willing to seek help. My organization seeks to reduce stigma and barriers to mental health services in young people and this conference inspired me to find new ways to reach parents in my local community."

Proud Partners of MHIC

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